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Remove / Replace Decapping Rod
Posted by on 17 November 2011 10:45 AM
To loosen the Decapper Clamp, you will need a 1/2" Box Wrench on the Clamp Nut and a 3/4" Open End Wrench on the die body. Loosen the Decapper Clamp until the Decapper is free to move. The Pin and/or Clamp should  be cleaned and left to dry. The end of the Decapper Rod is to be flush with the top of the Decapper Clamp. The trick is to hold the Pin flush to the top and at the same time tighten the Clamp. Once you have the Pin aligned flush, tighten the Clamp in the die using both wrenches. Now tighten it again. It needs to be TIGHT. The pin may move back a short distance with the first case you deprime, but it should stay in that position now. You know it is tight enough when the primer pops out, the Pin did not move and the case pulls free without pulling out the Decapping Rod.