Precision Reloading
Posted by Steph @ Lee Precision on 09 May 2012 12:55 PM

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Precision Reloading

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ira gulley
11 February 2013 09:55 AM
great product
Dean Malkowski
26 April 2013 05:08 PM
Placed order at 0200 on 4/22/13, received invoice dated 4/22 @ 13:30 on 4/26 telling me they are sorry but 3/4 of my order is out of stock, including the Loadmaster which was the main purchase...when I placed the order on 4/22, 100% of the items showed as IN-STOCK. I know the gun world is crazy just now but this is VERY poor customer service. They could have at least emailed well before the end of the week, and they REALLY need to keep the website up to date. Never again, I'll stick with Midway and Graf&Sons. They may be a bit more expensive [and they're out of stock just now, too] but THEY know how to do customer service-these clowns don't...
Trent @ Precision Reloading
01 May 2013 08:16 AM
I am aware of the situation with this customer Dean Malkowski. He had placed the order
online, and received the email (which is pictured below) explaining that it
was a automatically generated email notifies you that we have received the
online order and if products are out of stock that we would notify the
customer as soon as we could. This is not the service we want to provide but
due to the high volume of orders it is taking us longer to get to orders
then usually. Typical business we process and ship orders within 24 hours.
We never charge a credit card if we do not have the product in stock, this
customers card was never charged. When we emailed on April 26th we notified
of the out of stock products and asked if they would like to be kept on
backorder or if we should cancel the order. He had called Customer Service
and spoke to Megan and had requested we closed the order and she apologized
for the inconvenience. We have been working on a new system and website
before the high order volume, but this project has been on hold since than.
We hope to get this system up and rolling within the next couple of months.
With the new system in place it will help us provide even faster shipping
and better customer service with live time inventory on our site.

This is not typical for our company as we try to provide the best customer
service we can. If I can help with anything further please feel free to
contact Trent at 800-223-0900.
R.J. Knox
12 August 2013 05:57 PM
Just recently "found" Precision on a hunt for 7x57 brass. Indicated in-stock on website but received Email next day that none on hand. One week later the product was again in stock, so I ordered and received in two days. Just a second order in two days also. Great service, especially considering how erratic shipments and inventories are.
For the whining gentleman who wrote the previous comment.........Waaaah.
"Those who wish to be offended are seldom disappointed".
Thanks Precision!
Mike Whipple
19 March 2014 03:33 PM
I ordered A LEE 4 die set for my 45 acp,fast and Friendly Service, I ordered Monday about 2 in the afternoon and re humanceived them Wednesday in the mail
Thanks Precision I will do business again
Bill Shipley
07 June 2014 09:31 PM
my mom bought me a 9mm 4die cabelas had two deprimer die. l sent lee precisson a email stating my problem 2days later I received my correct die that was missing questions asked I sent them my extra deprimer...they were super about the whole thing.....friend for life
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