Lapua Brass Undersized Flash Hole- Decapper Pin Does Not Fit
Posted by Steph @ Lee Precision on 06 March 2018 08:32 AM

We do not produce a smaller diameter pin for decapping undersized flash holes.

The decapping pin on the expander rod of the die is .062" in diameter, which is the standard flash hole diameter of most ammunition cases made both in the United States and foreign countries.
The undersized flash hole should be enlarged with one of the commercial flash hole uniformers. Or use a 1/16 (1.6mm) drill. Uniform flash holes are helpful to uniform ignition.

If you choose to retain the undersized flash hole in your cases, you can put your decapping/expander rod in a drill and polish down the diameter of the pin using a fine grit emery paper. This will weaken the pin and you may find that it will break when you decap fired cases.