Lee Custom Engineering
Posted by on 27 August 2012 08:52 AM

The Target Model Reloader, Lee Loader and the Auto Prime with threaded shell holders were made by Lee Custom Engineering. For the whole story, read Richard Lee's article in Handloaders Digest, 17 th. ed.

Lee Custom Engineering has been out of business since 1988, and Lee Precision does not make parts for those tools.

Lee Custom also produced a .410 Lee Loader, this tool was for reloading paper shells. We have no plans in bringing this tool in to regular production.

Red/Black Dipper Conversion

The old red or black powder dippers were measured in Cubic Inches. To convert the old dippers to the new yellow dippers measured in Cubic Centimeters, you would have to use this conversion equation is as follows, or purchase new.

To convert Cubic Inches to Centimeters use this formula: 

Cubic Inches x 16.387 = Cubic Centimeters

To convert Cubic Centimeters to Inches use this formula: 

Cubic Centimeters / 16.387 = Cubic Inches