Hodgdon Powder Pitting/Etching Powder Hoppers
Posted by Laine @ Lee Precision on 17 October 2017 08:41 AM

According to Hodgdon this is a known issue with powder lately and not just with our product. There is a chemical in the powder that attacks “hard plastics” like the Lee Load-All Hopper and all the other automatic and manual feeder’s with hard plastic Hoppers, when they remain in contact for as little as 12 hours. Hodgdon states the new lots are worse as they have had some formulation changes. Hoppers made from polypropylene are immune to it. Their recommendation is to only put the powder into the Hopper when in use. Please be sure to return powder to its original container as soon as possible so the powder doesn’t sit in contact for an extended length of time in the Hopper.